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  • Answer the following questions to plan what you will do in this project:
    1. What did you find useful or interesting in the finished Student Examples?
    2. For your project, what public issue or topic will you write about?
    3. For your project, part 1: Who is your opposing audience? What do they currently believe or argue about this issue?
    4. For your project, part 1: How do you think you can get them to change their minds or actions on this topic?
    5. For your project, part 2: What group/community/people agree with you on your topic? Who are they and what do they currently believe or argue?
    6. For your project part 2: What do you hope to inspire your like minded audience to do? How will this help this issue/topic in the real world?
    7. Overall, why do you care about this public issue?