Directions: Students are required to identify 3 examples of health, public health, health promotion, and wellness on a social media site of their choosing. Students are required to identify 2 examples of a positive and effective use of social media in the health, health promotion, public health, and/or wellness domain. One example must be from a qualified health source (ie CDC, Kaiser Family Foundation, Mayo Clinic). The other social media source is the choice of the student. One example must be a negative use of social media focused on health, health promotion, public health and/or wellness.
Content Requirements:
Students must concisely describe the social media activity, campaign, event or program, or intervention being addressed in the social media post. Clearly identify the purpose of the social media activity and the health concern it is attempting to address. Provide a description of the program/activity/event/ or program. This can be something that was only on the social media platform or a campaign that existed in-person or on the internet but was promoted and dependent on social media. An example is an organizations use of social media to draw awareness to some disease or health problem, offer an intervention, or to educate the public.
Please note, examples are required to be on social media. It is NOT simply an internet- based program or campaign. Television ads/programming or website media does not qualify for this assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to provide examples of how social media is used to influence, effect, and impact health and wellness.
Students are required to include key details including:
Identify and describe
social media site used
the target audience and provide evidence/support as to why you believe that is the target audience
Who or what organization is the focus of the post
When the post was made, when the program/activity/event was utilized (and if it still is),
If there was event/program/activity is successful and how the success was measured
Why it was needed
Is this is a positive or negative use of social media
Identify and discuss the influence, effect and impact this post has in terms of health and wellness
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Identify and discuss the influence, effect, and impact this post has on its target audience
Any of your comments/thoughts, etc.
Provide the link to an article about it or a direct link to the social media itself.
Format Requirements: