Take a look at the program website and revise the essay to a completed and compelling essay(combine everything into one essay.) Apply movies or books for the explanation. Each paragraph should use the central idea and talk about one theme: seeing and embracing the difference that I am a woman. Revise the topic sentence. Why become a storyteller? How do movies/films impact me?

Cinematic Arts Personal Statement Requirement: The Cinematic Arts Personal Statement
will be read by the admissions committee as a measure of creativity, self-awareness, and vision.
We are looking for a sense of you as a unique individual and how your distinctive experiences,
characteristics, background, values, and/or views of the world have shaped who you are and
what you want to say as a creative filmmaker. We want to know about the kind of stories you
want to tell. Bear in mind that enthusiasm for watching films, descriiptions of your favorite films,
and involvement in the filmmaking process are common in most candidates. As a result, we
encourage you to focus on your individuality. Its our chance to get to know you better as a
storyteller and person. This is your chance to tell us your story.
The majority of the narrative statement should tell us:
About your own unique story. What shaped you as a person? What is important to you about the stories you want to tell? The goal is to get to know you as a person and as a storyteller outside of your resume and professional accomplishments. Wed also like you to touch upon the following questions in a meaningful way in your statement as well: Why are you applying for this specific discipline? What people/movies/art inspire you in that field? What is your experience as a collaborator in the filmmaking process? How do you see the film program benefiting your long-term career goals?

AVOID WORD REPETITION -One thing that can wreck the STYLE of any answer is the repeated use of the same word, or even a variation on that word, especially in the same sentence, when that repetition is not done intentionally or for effect. CREATE WORD PICTURES -That means using evocative word choices (use action verbs, use illustrative adjectives). Write in a way that paints a picture in the readers mind in such a way that would compel someone to engage in the story.