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Community Colleges
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Case Study

Stigma around community colleges

I want to research the stigma behind why students don’t like going to community colleges and would rather go to a university.

Why community colleges get the stigma that going to a university is better.

Thomas Gauthier (2020) A Renewed Examination of the Stigma Associated with Community College Career and Technical Education, Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 44:10-12, 870-884, DOI: 10.1080/10668926.2020.1758835Links to an external site.

make sure to include the role of High School and the US Education system (Counselors and Administration)

look at spheres of influence of community colleges vs 4 year institutions and see how the distribution of resources affects both and how they are able to reach student populations. Researching the stigma might be related due to the lack of advertising/branding that community colleges can provide as opposed to universities.