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Why did you choose teaching as your lifetime profession?

Why did you choose teaching as your lifetime profession? I simply choose to teach to feel in the gaps of a somewhat broken system. Why would she say that the education system is “Broken”. Well in all due respect, I see that the system is failing our brown skinned scholars. We put too much focus on these children passing the test. But ask yourself how would test taking skills be useful to this scholar once he/she has graduated high school? So, back to the question at hand. I teach to inspire and to motivate brown skin children to be the employer and not the employee. Whenever I get done with a lesson and I have a few minutes of free time, I would ask my students, “What are your plans after high school?” And most would respond with, “Doctor, Nurse, Ball Player, or Programmer.”

Now don’t get me wrong all of these are great choices, but I would ask them one simple question, why not be your own boss. If you want to be a doctor or nurse, build your own practice, If you want to be a ball player own your own team. And the list goes on. I also choose to teach to make sure that all children  have their uniqueness and should be supported to ensure they meet their goals and objectives in life. It is crucial to have a stimulating learning or educational environment, particularly for black and brown children. Such an environment is essential because it will ensure that children grow socially, emotionally, mentally, and physically (Novakowski, 2017). I seek to ensure that all children are treated uniquely in their respective classrooms. Therefore, black and brown children should access specific learning styles and needs based on their differences