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      Why did you choose this population for this presentation?

The following instructions correspond to the scoring guide, so be sure to address each point. Include the following in your 10–15 slide presentation: 1 cover slide.  Indicate the number and name of the course, assignment name, your name, contact information, and submission date. 1–3 background slides.  Articulate the selected health program and the targeted population and community.      

      Why did you choose this population for this presentation?

1 DNA of an Advocacy Diagram slide.  Place your Unit 6 diagram in this slide. Summarize your diagram to a stakeholder. The diagram  explains the strategies that were used to build coalitions with  stakeholders, so it applies to the imagined past. 3–5 program evaluation slides.  Justify your chosen method for evaluating the health program.

Describe your program evaluation plan and its goals and objectives. Evaluate how the proposed policy mitigated the health disparity. 2–3 health equity slides.  Discuss how social justice movements, structural bias,  social inequities, and/or racism affects health or creates challenges to  achieving health equity within the population, community, or society. 1 summary slide.

  Summarize the impact of the implemented policy or program.            Imagine the outcomes that you would like to see for the  policy or program, or imagine the challenges or roadblocks and how you  would have dealt with them. Indicate whether the policy or program produced the intended outcomes. Consider short-term, intermediate, and long-term outcomes. Demonstrate graduate level academic presentation skills. 1 references slide.  List in APA format all scholarly references used in your presentation.