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PART II: In 200-400 words, respond to ONE of the prompts below.
Discussion Prompt 1: Video 1: How Protest Is Redefining Democracy Around the World?
In what ways does Mapilly believe that African activists are redefining democracy?
Compare and contrast your view of democracy with Mapillys view.
Why does Mapilly believe that we need to turn to African societies to conceptualize democracy? Do you agree or disagree with him. Explain why or why not.
What is your solution to transforming democracy into the rule of the people (in contrast to the rule of politicians or government officials)?
Discussion Prompt 2: Video 2: How Women Wage Conflict Without Violence?
According to Julia Bachas research, what is the greatest predictor of a movements decision to adopt nonviolence or violence? Give an example of a movement in the States that supports the research and the documentation that Bacha uses of the political organizing in Israel and Palestine.
Agree or disagree with this statement: Women are often more adept at how to surreptitiously pressure for change. Do some outside research and back your statement up by providing a link to an article.
Bacha talks about Septima Clark as a woman who was a critical driving force in mobilizing, organizing, taking to the streets in the U.S. Civil Rights era. Who do you think would be a modern female role model for engaging in a nonviolent resistance campaign? Explain your answer.
Even if most violent uprisings fail, some do succeed, so its not a hard-and-fast rule that nonviolent movements are always better. Discuss an example of a violent uprising anywhere in the world succeeding. Explain why you think it succeeded. Provide a source to support your claim.
Discussion Prompt 3: Video 3: A Realistic Vision of Peace
What is Williams vision of peace? Do you think it is a realistic one or not? Explain your answer.
Find out who Mairead McGuire is and what her stance is on the use of violence. How does it contrast with Williams stance? Where do you stand on the spectrum? Explain your answer.
This video was produced in 2010 during the Obama era. It was also the time when Aung Sun Suu Kyi, 1991 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, was being lauded as a hero for democracy in her country (Burma/Myanmar). Do some research on what is happening now in her fall from grace as a democracy icon. What is your opinion about what she is doing in her country today? Explain.
Who would you nominate for a Nobel Peace Prize for 2022? Why?