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Why has this occurred?

 Bullying is one of the worst things that can happen to a child, and I should know because when I was young, I was bullied, and when my kids were young, they were also bullied, I survied my bullying attacks and so did my kids, and I even wrote on this topic specifically for this course called “BULLYWARS-HOW TO MAKE YOUR CHILD BULLYPROOF., For this course, you can use my book to write a paper on this topic. Your BULLYWARS PAPER MUST BE DOUBLE-SPACED, IN “APA” STYLE, NO LESS THAN 10 PAGES OF CONTENT, AND A MINIMUM OF 10 PAGES OVERALL, AND NO MORE THAN 13 PAGES AND YOU MUST HAVE ALL CITATIONS OF SOURCES “IN THE BODY OF YOUR WORK AND IN A SEPARTE PAGE CALLED A RESOURCES PAGE. NOW, TO BE CLEAR, WHEN I SAY NO LESS THAN 7 PAGES OF CONTENT, THAT MEANS YOUR ORIGINAL WRITING AND RESEARCH, AND DOES NOT INCLUDE A COVER PAGE, AN ABSTRACT, AND A BIBLIOGRAPHY./RESOURCES PAGE, WHICH IS WHY, AT MINIMUM, YOU’LL BE SUBMITTING TO ME A TEN PAGE PAPER, BUT NO MORE THAN 13 PAGES. YOU will provide me with a minimum of 7 different citations/sources, and they can be cited several time in your paper, if needed. When you’re using the “BULLYWARS” BOOK for your term paper, you are utilizing it as your “base” of operations, as your main “source”, and it should be “sourced” and “referenced” inside your paper, but, it is not your only source for this paper. To assist you in writing your BULLYWARS paper, I will post an example of how other classmates of yours did their papers. In my book “BullyWars” please read it, then respond to the following questions: 1. What are the Warning Signs of A Child Being Bullied- Choose 5 Signs and describe them in detail. 2. Is Your Child A Bully?- Choose 5 Signs out of all of the signs I outlined in the book, and describe them in detail. 3. List 5 Ways you can “Help Your Child Deal With Bullying”, and describe them in detail as outlined from my book. Use my book as well as your other sources. 4. Name 4 Ways I describe “How You Can Help Reduce Bullying” and describe them, and then list a 5th reason that I did not state, but one you would like to see because you think it’s effective. 5. Why are more men BULLIES than WOMEN? IS THERE A RISE OR A DECREASE IN THE PERCENTAGE OF FEMALE BULLIES? is there any research on female bullies? WHY HAS THIS OCCURRED? 6. Cite 8 other sources on the topic of bullying (either cyberbullying, or any other form of bullying), and add these references to both the CONTENT of your TERM PAPER, and your REFERENCE LISTS . REMEMBER- “DO NOT SUBMIT A PAPER IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SOURCES CITED IN THE BODY OF YOUR WORK, AND IN THE REFERENCES/SOURCES AREA (THE LAST PAGE). THIS PAPER MUST BE SUBMITTED BY OCTOBER 31ST OR EARLIER. If you don’t want to purchase the book, or if you cannot afford it, let me know, and I’ll see if I can get you a c