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Columbus Custom Carpentry* is a small but growing Midwest company that manufactures residential interior doors. Its competitive advantage is its ability to produce a custom-styled product at a low price. In the industry, this is known as mass customization. Columbus Custom Carpentry has achieved this by producing custom assembly jigs that reduce the time and therefore the labor cost required to produce their doors.
Columbus Custom Carpentry employs 134 employees and just hired you as their HR director. You can learn more about the company by reading the included employee handbook. Recently, there has been a claim of unfair pay practices among employees. The President, Mary Thonn, would like to investigate this claim in hopes of maximizing morale and minimizing voluntary turnover.
HR professionals can use both metrics and analytics to address issues such as this. For this assignment, write a proposal to the President of Columbus Custom Carpentry addressing how analytics can help address this complaint. Address the following in your proposal:
Discuss the importance of analytics
What are metrics, analytics, and data?
Compare and contrast metrics, analytics, and data.
Why is analytics important to her organization?
Address the case study
Define the problem.
Make a recommendation for collecting data (what, why, how, etc.).
Provide a rationale with examples of why your recommendation would be effective.
Incorporate mindfulness, dialogue, and collaboration and how they can be used for change in this case study.