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Mrs. Smith is a 76-year-old widow on an aged care pension living a short distance from the centre. She has recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Respond to the following questions using academic sources (journal articles/government reports) to support your discussion of all four questions

1.Why is Aumsville Community Health Centre a good place for Mrs. Smith to receive care?

2.Who are five of the health professionals that Mrs. Smith will need to see at the Health Centre, and what services could each of them offer?

3.How would Mrs. Smith’s care be funded? What benefits might Mrs. Smith be eligible for?

4.What are some of the benefits of a primary health center such as Aumsville, for others in the local community

Part B (500 words)

The Aumsville local council is offering community development grants to local organizations. As part of the application form, applicants are expected to provide a 500 word rationale as to why a grant would assist them. As manager of Aumsville Community Health Centre write a 500 word rationale as to why Aumsville Community Health Centre should get a $5000 grant to establish a community garden.  

In your rationale ,explain what would be some of the benefits for the center’s clientele? Be sure to provide some peer reviewed references to support your argument