) Read Chapter Six (“The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog”) from the book The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog.

2) Answer the following questions thoroughly in APA paragraph format:

a. Why is it a bad idea to surprise or suddenly interact with traumatized and neglected children?

How can you use awareness of this in order to improve the environment and approach you take to working with these kids?

b. Why is taking a good case history so important in working with children with behavior problems?

How can you learn more about the children you work with in order to understand their behavior?

c. How can brain changes associated with neglect be misunderstood as pre-existing brain damage and what implications does this have for traumatized children?

d. Why is it critical when working with traumatized children to let them control the pace and intensity of the therapy?

e. Why can helping children understand brain development help their recovery?

f. How might living with dogs actually have provided some of the social stimulation Justin needed as a young child?

How can animals and interactions with animals be used to help similar children?

g. What are two concepts you learned from this case study?

g. How did this case study impact you on both personal and professional levels?