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you will upload on eclass a 2-page proposal for your Final Paper, using the same formatting criteria as the paper. In your proposal, explain the topic of your paper. It needs to be clear to me why you want to research this subject (why is it interesting to you? Why is the proposed research important in a more general sense?), what critical question(s) you intend to answer, what sources you are going to use to make your argument, and why you chose them. You will submit a short preliminary bibliography of texts you consulted to research the feasibility of your topic. These resources can be included in the bibliography for the final paper, which should contain at least 5 reputable sources (books, academic articles, etc.).

1) Your final paper can be about any topic that relates to our class. It can draw on any specific aspect of theatre history, aesthetics, theory that we covered during the term (for example: Pirandellos reception in France, specific theatre buildings, a playwright and/or a play that we have not studied in class, theatrical design, relationship between theatre and the fine arts, acting theories, analysis of theatre genres, etc.). Drop me an email to chat about your ideas.
2) Compare and contrast one of the plays we read during the term to another play written by the same playwright [for instance, Ibsens Hedda Gabler AND A Dolls House]. How are the two plays different? What are their commonalities? How did the artistic goals / characterization/ plot structure / themes / aesthetics of the playwright change through time? Why? How did the culture of the period affect some of the differences/similarities you found? These are not the only questions you can ask of the two texts, of course, but rather examples for you to reflect on. The specific critical angle of your final paper is your decision. Make sure the question(s) you ask are clear and focused.
Your paper should be 6-7 pages; double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12-pt. font; 1inch margins on all sides; it should follow the MLA formatting standards; and it must include a bibliography of at least 5 sources. Very Important: Your paper should have a title.