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why it is important and what is driving your interest in this topic.

 Introduction: with research questions – In this section you write briefly about your research, why it is important and what is driving your interest in this topic. Then the research questions. You should also let the reader know how the paper will be organized. Literature Review: This section should include theory that explains your case studies. For example, if you are comparing two countries democratization levels, use democratization theory, Background: In this section, give a historical overview of your countries, including the area that you are focusing on. For example, if your paper is on on economic development, you would include the economy of the countries that you are looking at. Comparison: In this section, you compare your two case studies, focusing on similarities and differences between the two.

Conclusion: In this section, re-answer your research questions and include 2 -3 major points from your comparison section. You may also want to highlight any areas of interest that you came across but were unable to answer. References: Minimum of 10 academic sources in APA format. In addition to the above, in grading, I will be looking for the following: Your paper should have in-text citations with page numbers. The in-text citation should follow immediately after the information and not be at the end of the page or paragraph. Explain clearly terms/concepts that you are using in your research. You should include specific examples in your paper, that are fully explained. It is even better if you use class examples. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes.