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Why might migrant farm workers may be exploited by their employers in the US?

Outsourcing Ethics and Compliance Best Practices: Research and write a paper on both the ethics and compliance best practices in connection with managing operations and outsourcing goods and services relating your research to materials in the Chapter. 6 in Course Textbook: Law & Ethics in the Business Environment by Terry Halbert and Elaine Ingulli, Ninth Edition, ISBN – 978-1-305-97249-0 Please consider the below focus points when writing:

1. Why might migrant farm workers may be exploited by their employers in the US? 2. What law did the US adopt to prevent or minimize workplace accidents and health hazards? 3. What powers (tools) did Congress confer to the new agency to enforce the law? 4. Are workplace hazards always visible? 5. What is the standard of behavior for employers covered by this law?

6. What did you think about Henry Shue’s views on an employer’s duties vis a vis protecting worker interests? 7. What is the underlying purpose of Worker’s Compensation? Hint: 2 reasons 8. What does an employee need to prove to recover under Worker’s Compensation and how may that impact any recovery from a 3rd party?

9. What, if any, upside is there for a company engaging in “Corporate Social Responsibility”? 10. What arguments did employees of Walmart international suppliers make to prevail in a suit against Walmart to enforce a contract clause regarding payment of minimum wages? Who won? 11. What action did the US take after a major accident at a chemical company to further protect employees at chemical companies?