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choose between one Moonshot story or YBF

For Part C. Working Thesis
Share some initial thoughts about pairing the critical text/concept with the specific zine/comic. Things to consider:
Why pair these two texts in particular? What do you think readers can learn by bringing these texts together?

What interests you about this pairing?
What have you already uncovered from initial readings of the zine/comic through the critical concept?
Arrive at a working thesis. It doesn’t have to be fully-fleshed out or perfect. Consider it your first stab at a thesis for WA#1. As a reminder, for this essay, your thesis should center around what can be learned by applying a concept from the critical text to the comic or zine, OR how the comic or zine can illuminate important aspects of the critical text. Your thesis / claim must address what of consequence is revealed by reading an excerpt from YBFor Moonshot through a concept from the critical text.