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Federal Court/Paper
Paper details:
Strong Intro sentence
Strong intro paragraph, inclusion of the hypothesis
With each paragraph make sure you have a strong topic sentence to start.
Concluding paragraph
Restatement of your hypothesis
What was found
Possible future research to expand your topic
NO first person,
(Judicial Review and Presidential Power

Use against unilateral executive power.

Court trends starting with Nixon/recognition of executive privilege)
* (Nov. 17, 2022 Biden Admin. Asks the High Court to take up the Student Debt Plan
-Halted in 2 federal courts.
-Justice Dept wants to block both rulings)

* (Biden v. Missouri (Medicare and Medicaid, vaccines)
Biden v. Texas (rescission of Migrant Protection Protocols)
United State, et al. v. Texas, et al (Immigration statutes which say that DHS shall detain aliens with certain criminal convictions and those with final orders of removal. DHS chose to follow contrary directives which do not require detention of these individuals.
DeSantis Temporary injunction against the Stop Woke (blocks certain race-based conversations in colleges)