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Womens Health

 Read a professional article or watch a professional video to review. You will write 4 paragraphs as outlined below. You will critique the article/video against the textbook information. You will compare and contrast the source to the textbook. Your Works Cited page should include both the

article/video and the textbook. This article/video must be on a Women’s Health topic that is also found in the textbook. This may not be a video that I have already put on the discussion board. Find another video or professional article to read and review. Paragraph 1 – SUMMARIZE the article

you read or video you watched. This is to be an in-depth summary. Include any main points in the article/video. Include any secondary points in the article/video. State the conclusion of the article/video. Use quotes from the article/video. Properly follow MLA format and include references in paragraphs