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would it be easier or harder for the community to function?
Discuss the following questions:
What are your personal beliefs regarding substance abuse/dependence?
Should drugs be legalized?
Do individuals have a civil right to abuse substances?
How has your personal background influenced your present views?
Consider things such as familial beliefs, and/or religious expectations.
Would friends or family members be more likely to use drugs?
Would it be easier or harder for the community to function? Is safety a concern, why or why not?
How would these changes affect you or other people?
12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced.
Cover page and references page.
Length is 2 to 3 pages. without the cover and reference page.
Although opinion-based, the arguments in your paper must backed up with sources and evidence from either the text or additional sources.
You must have at least 2 sources that are peer-reviewed articles.
APA format, seventh edition required. You must include internal/parenthetical citations.