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write a reflective account of how the ‘preparation stage’

In your study journal, write a reflective account of how the ‘preparation stage’ of designing and piloting an interview schedule went. This will form the first part of the assessment. You should aim to write approximately 750 words for this question. Below is a list of guide questions you may wish to consider. You do not need to answer all of them, and you are encouraged to reflect on things that may not be mentioned here. Reflect on the process using what you have learned about qualitative research methods. a. The design process: o How did you decide on the guide questions? Were they made up or informed by previous research? o Were your questions mostly closed or open? Leading or non-leading?

Did you have background questions? b. The pilot interview: o How did you find it? Were you comfortable? o What kind of responses from the participant led to you deviating from the schedule to ask follow-up questions? o Did you find it difficult to keep on topic? o Was the schedule helpful? c. Reflecting and refining: o Based on the pilot, which questions would you change? Are there any that you would add? Why? o Would you consider changing the order of the questions? Or including some additional questions to build rapport? o Would the transcript of an interview based on this schedule result in data that could be used to answer the pre-set research question? You should also include your original and final interview schedules as appendices:  Appendix A: Original interview schedule that was used for your pilot interview for part B.  Appendix B: A refined interview schedule based on the reflections from part C. Question 2 Write the results section of a qualitative research report, offering a thematic analysis of the data gathered in 3.16 Individual activity. You should aim to write approximately 1,000 words for your report.