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write about a current issue related to social justice updated 2023

In this writing assignment you will write about a current issue related to social justice: memorials and monuments. For years there has been a conversation around

the monuments, memorials, statues, and flags located on private, public, and governmental properties, as well as the names of streets, buildings, sports teams, and

military bases; the conversation regarding these artifacts has grown quite heated at times.   You will take a scholarly tact with this assignment by exploring different memorials, flags, names, etc, that are the subject of controversy. After investigating different options, choose one artifact to focus on. Research your chosen artifact

(using academically credible, historically relevant sources) to learn the following pieces of information, which must be included in your essay:  a description of the artifact.

information about the person, place, or event the artifact memorializes. the socio-political climate during the time when the artifact was created, placed, and/or

adopted. This timing is just as important as the history in understanding the meaning of the artifact. varied positions in the controversy over the artifact. You must explain at least two viewpoints, but you may include more. You may include historical opinions as well as modern opinions. Remember that explaining a particular

viewpoint does not necessarily mean arguing in favor of it. It is important to be able to elucidate a perspective whether you agree with it or not. You will need to keep records of your research in order to credit the varying sources as you write. After you complete your research, you should take one of these stances:

Option 1: Argue that a specific artifact should be removed. Option 2: Argue that a specific artifact should remain as is. Option 3: Argue that a specific artifact should remain with alterations. Option 4: Argue that a specific artifact should be moved to a different location. Option 5: Argue that a specific artifact should be newly

created. Whichever option you choose, your essay should take roughly 1,000 words to fully develop. This is a persuasive paper, so be sure to consider how to convince your audience to agree with your stance on the artifact.


One  of the current issue

related to social justice that has gained significant attention in recent years is systemic racism. Systemic racism refers to the deeply rooted and institutionalized practices, policies, and structures that perpetuate racial inequalities and discrimination in various aspects of society, such as education, criminal justice, employment, and housing.

The ongoing protests and movements, such as Black Lives Matter, have shed light on the systemic racism experienced by Black and other marginalized communities. These movements strive to challenge and dismantle the systems that perpetuate racial disparities and advocate for equal rights, opportunities, and justice for all individuals, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

Systemic racism manifests in various ways, including racial profiling, biased policing, discriminatory hiring practices, wealth gaps, and unequal access to quality education and healthcare. These injustices have profound and long-lasting impacts on individuals and communities, perpetuating cycles of poverty, limited opportunities, and social marginalization.

Efforts to address systemic racism include advocating for policy reforms, promoting diversity and inclusion in institutions, supporting grassroots movements, and engaging in community dialogues. It is essential to address both the overt and subtle forms of racism embedded within societal structures and institutions. By acknowledging and challenging systemic racism, society can work towards creating a more just and equitable future for all individuals.

It is crucial to engage in ongoing conversations and self-reflection to understand the complexities of systemic racism and to actively work towards dismantling these systems. Education, empathy, and ally ship play vital roles in challenging and changing the narrative surrounding racial injustices. By amplifying marginalized voices, supporting initiatives that promote equity and justice, and advocating for policy changes, individuals and communities can contribute to the fight against systemic racism and work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

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