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Write an Essay on a theoretical topic or topical debate of migration.


Do not generalize, focus on the chosen topic. I have provided the necessary sources and reading material in the document attached below which you must use for the essay, along with those you must find at least 5 more relevant materials of study to use and reference in the essay based on the chosen topic.


You must show the ability to source and use of a range of material relevant to the study.

Provide  evaluation of theoretical aspects of contemporary migration.

Be able to use different sources to study current debates on international migration.



Historical and contemporary geopolitics of migration


Theories and approaches – traditional, recent including transnationalism, social networks, gender


Current debates on international migration globally and in the UK – policies and politics on management, rights and welfare.


You must link the topic and show understanding of traditional and recent theories and approaches concerning contemporary migrations. Also explores some of the major debates relating to migration management and the rights of migrants

through the study of policies, political discourses, civil society activities and media.