Qualitative Research
Paper details:
his will be a discussion post for my doctoral qualitative research class. You must support your response with at least two new peer-reviewed articles, but can also cite any of the provided resources. For this particular assignment, using Bailey, C. A. (2018). A guide to qualitative field research. Sage. Ch. 2 & 4, Pan,L (2017) Preparing Literature Reviews : Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches, and all other provided resources, respond to the following two topics:

Part A:

Using headings or numbers clearly complete all of the following for this post:
1. Central research question: In what ways do different perspectives perceive and understand their experiences with education and educative processes? (THIS IS THE SAME FOR EVERYONE!)
2. Sub-question (which you need to finish): In what ways do [insert whose perspective you are interested in]* perceive and understand their experiences with education and educative processes? (You are talking broadly about a segment of the population herenot about anyone specific person. Examples: teachers, parents, athletes, administrators, seniors in assisted living, immigrant mothers, etc. This group can and should be related, in some way, to your dissertation. If you need help or ideas here, please reach out with questions.) * NOTE: limit your choice of ‘whose perspective’ to adults for this project. Interviewing minors (younger than 18) requires an assent and consent process.
3. A rationale for this sub-question, i.e. briefly explain why it may be important to better understand the educative experiences of your specific population of interest in #2.
4. Using Bailey, Chapter 4, Pans Checklist of Guidelines, with a focus on checklists for chapters 3-6, and the APA publication manual, please include at least three to five in-text citations, with a corresponding reference list, to back up any claims you made in your rationale. These sources should push beyond course texts.
Part B:
* Read the:
1. Belmont Report,
2. the IRB application,
3. the Guidance_site permission, and
4. the Guidance_consent documents in Readings and Resources.
* When you consider your own dissertation, write briefly how you will engage with participants in ways that are characterized by respect, dignity, and care, meeting the high ethical standards? How also will you gain site permission in these ways?
* Based on Chapter 2 in Bailey, the IRB documents, the lecture and the sample of informed consent (attached), write and post an informed consent letter that you will use for this study. This informed consent letter should include all items listed in the IRB informed consent checklist. You will use this letter with your interview participant.

Textbooks, blogs, magazine or internet articles, book chapters, or special reports, do not count toward the peer-reviewed minimum. Connections to the peer reviewed references should be used throughout your writing with in-text citations and matching reference citations.

For your reference, I am a healthy, white 34-year old female from Kentucky. I am extremely active and spend a lot of time working out and eating healthy food. Also, I am a college professor in the Exercise Science department and own an online fitness and nutrition coaching business. My dissertation topic is the effect of daily vs. weekly check-ins for adherence in an online fitness & nutrition coaching program ). Please refer to this link for further explanation regarding my dissertation topic