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Write in complete sentences.  Do not use abbreviations or acronyms. 

Timberwolf Riders are still in their infant stage.  However, you have been charged with procuring computers for a handful of employees.  Focusing on hardware, which types of computers will you choose desktops, laptops, tablets, or a combination? 

Be sure to discuss at least the attributes of their microprocessors, memory, and available ports. Keep the critical thinking essay at or under 140

words.  Write in complete sentences.  Do not use abbreviations or acronyms. 

Do include bold vocabulary terms from the readings in your essay. So Timberwolf Riders are just a company that is new and you have to take care of getting computers for the people who work there.

So the question is asking whether it would be best for choosing a mobile operating system (which is like phones or tablets) or a desktop operating system (computers like macs and windows computers etc) for the companies workers to use. And then its asking to choose what brand of operating system would be best (like mac/iOS, Microsoft Windows, UNIX, etc.)