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Write thesis statement that answers the prompt.

AssignmentDescription: Writea thesis statement, essay outline, and analytical paragraph in response to oneof the short narrative prompts from this unit. AssignmentInstructions:        1.      Pickone of your analysis assignments from the short narrative unit. If youwould prefer to write a new analysis for thisassignment using one of the prompts from the short narrative unit, youmay do so. 2.      Writea thesis statement that answers the prompt. 3.      Createan essay outline (see examples on OneNote) that supportsthis thesis statement. This outline will be extremely informalyoudo not need to actually write this essay, so have fun with it and makeit as long of an outline as the thesis statement needs to be supported(minimum three body paragraphs).   4.      Adapt your analysis into oneof the paragraphs that supports your journalistic thesisstatement. 5.      FollowMLA formatting and citation rules. 6.      Submit your work to Turnitin.com by thespecified due date.  I will provide examples, rubric and the prompts. If you need help finding the prompts online please contact me right away. I would recomenned doing #7 and #10, they are easy. But whatever works, works.