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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Read the following article:

Write (400-600 words)

  • Identify the business ethics issue in the article above. That is, what is ethical or unethical about Bud Light’s behavior? (10 points)
  • Apply TWO (no more, no less) moral frameworks we have learned about. (40 points = 20 points per theory)
    • Here is the list from which you can choose:
      • Utiliatarianism
      • Kant
      • Virtue Ethics
      • Stockholder theory
      • Stakeholder theory
  • Be specific in how you apply the two theories. For example, if you apply utilitarianism, its not enough to say this is wrong because it makes people unhappy; you also have to say why or how it makes people unhappy. Similarly, if you apply Kant’s theory, its not enough to say this behavior violates Kant’s categorical imperative; you have to say how it violated them. If you think there is something else that is morally important about the case study (e.g. something that is fishy to you, but that your two frameworks ignore), briefly explain what that is and why you think its important at the end of the paper.
  • No formal introduction or conclusion is needed
  • There is no need to cite my lectures, however please make sure to use in-text and a works cited page for any readings you may cite. You may use which ever format you like for citations (Chicago, MLA, or APA).
  • Pleasue upload the paper as a word file or a pdf. I cannot see a pages file in the speedgrader