You are discouraged from using additional sources.
Write an essay of 350-500 words
Use your course texts to help you respond to the topic, and when you quote and summarize from the course texts, include information about the page reference.
*BOOK FOR THIS CLASS: Doing Ethics 6th edition*
You are discouraged from using additional sources. If you do choose to use an outside source, be sure to cite your source, just as you do when you use the course texts. If you use a quotation or an example from a website, cite the websites url and the date accessed.
Topics for your Essay, Choose only one to write your essay based on
Topic 1:
What is the conservative argument against abortion? What is the liberal argument for preserving access to abortion? Why is personhood such an important concept in the abortion debate? Which view do you find most plausible and why?
Topic 2:
Which view of sexual behavior (conventional, liberal or moderate) come closest to your own perspective? What are your reasons for favoring it?