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Earlier in the semester, you defined excellence as what it personally means to you. For the final exam essay, provide an overall self-assessment of your performance in this class, and include examples of how you demonstrated excellence in English 101, Fall 2022.
Essays should be five paragraphs or sections in length: introduction, body and conclusion, and contain all of the elements expected within each paragraph/section per the instructional resources included in Modules. Adhere to all requirements of college-level writing. Follow MLA formatting style guidelines throughout your essay. Do NOT include any outside sources in your essay; there should be no hits from Turnitin.com. This is your definition of excellence, and your personal examples of excellence. Your voice should be the only voice in your essay. Write in MLA format.
Criteria for grading composition assignments (papers) are detailed in AVCs English 101 Grading Rubric, which can be accessed in Modules and here: https://www.avc.edu/academics/laad/english/101rubric
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As written in the course syllabus, late essays, regardless of reason(s) are not accepted. Best-and-final drafts are due to the Final Exam Turnitin.com submission link in Module 11 (M11) any time before 25, 2022.