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Using the attached file. n the first half of this essay, you will identify your purpose (or goal), your intended audience, and the context of your situation. You will explain the exigence (problem) youre responding to, and you will propose how your chosen audience can help solve this problem. You will use the research you conducted in your research proposal to help elaborate your exigence, context, audience, and goal. For the Design Plan section of this essay, youll elaborate on your rhetorical composing strategies (such as ethos, logos, pathos, cultural knowledge, bodily experience, and identification). You will discuss how you specifically plan to use those strategies to move your audience into action. You will also discuss the medium of the website and how this digital medium will best reach your audience. Finally, youll discuss the arrangement and design of your website. You will elaborate on how each section of your website achieves a certain goal in order to move your audience into your intended action. You will use this Design Plan to connect how your strategies, medium, and arrangement will connect between your purpose, audience, and context.