When you visit your executive assistant to request important changes to an Excel spreadsheet, he is hard at work, e-mailing clients. The moment you arrive, however, he stops typing, turns to face you, and looks you in the eye. What message is the executive assistant expressing nonverbally?

He anticipates your departure.

He values your time.

He is uninterested in what you have to say.


You cannot respond as quickly to what the person is saying

You are not getting as many types of information from the exchange

You do not know that the person’s message is intended directly for you

Your company is facing hard times, and you must cut your annual expenses by 20% in order to survive. You want to get employee feedback before making this difficult decision. How should you request that feedback? This is a     message, so you should:

Send out an e-mail to all employees requesting their input

Visit employees personally and talk with them individually or in small groups